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American Tarantula Society Has journal articles, books and compact discs for sale, a bulletin board, and a question/answer forum.

Arachnid World A discussion group frequented by a lot of knowledgeable and experienced people.

Arachnofreaks Great, active forum with a focus on information.

Arachnopets A great site by Scott Scher with multiple discussion forums, an extensive and well-sorted selection of classified ads, a gallery, and much more.

Australian Tarantulas by Steve Nunn of Australia.  Just like the name says, it has great information on Theraphosidae in The Land Down Under.

Biodiversity Heritage Library A great place to get those old papers by Pocock, Cambridge, Simon, et. al.  Hint:  search for the genus name.

British Tarantula Society A veritable cornucopia of information with classified ads, fantastic journal articles, surveys, a discussion board, and more.

Giant Spiders Guy Tansley's very informative site with incredible pictures.

Groupe d'Etude des Arachnides  Lionel Dabat's most impressive archive of photographs and information on breeding and  taxonomy information (currently in French; an English version is in the works).

Petbugs  by Jon Fouskaris.  Has a discussion forum, bulletin board, caresheets, etc.

Phong's Tarantula Pages by Thomas Schumm. This has tarantula diaries, caresheets, breeding information, , etc.

Planetary Biodiversity Inventory  The first and still by far the best "spider bibliography".  Quick lookup for taxonomic references for all species of spiders.

Rick C. West, Arachnologist  By Rick West of Canada.  This library of photos has become a very helpful reference for identifying tarantulas in the pet trade.

Spiderpix by Martin Huber of Germany.  It has outstanding photographs.

Spydaweb A site by Steve from England with good general info, a forum, and a photo gallery, as well as a very interesting section about spiders in human culture.

Tarantulas by Radan Kaderka.  An exceptionally informative site, particularly for those with an interest in taxonomy.

The Tarantula Store  An excellent informational resource done by Phil and Tracy of England.  It has great photos, excellent information, and an active forum.

Tarantulas.us  An active forum with wonderful categorization.

Theraphosidae of Africa and the Middle East by Timo Raab and Ingo Wendt of Germany.  It has detailed information on the subfamily Harpactirinae.

Theraphosidae of the World and Their Care in Captivity  An outstanding site by Mikhail Bagaturov of Russia.  It contains tons of info, including detailed and up-to-date cladistic references for some species.  It's likely the most updated site on tarantulas available.  It is in both English and Russian.

Tracy's Tarantulas A site with great pictures, information, and usanization by another Tracy in England.

The Venom List  A great resource for all things that bite and sting .

The World Spider Catalog  by Norman Platnick. It is frequently updated and has a very thorough bibliography.

XNism A site with caresheets and pictures from Clint in California.  He also sells tarantula calendars, the proceeds from which benefit victims of autism.

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