A Year in the Life of an Orange Spider Named Tybalt
The Molting and Mating of Pterinochilus murinus (of the orange variety)

Tybalt only has one thing on his mind since he matured, and it's not biting!
With the exception of acting on his fear of tweezers, Tybalt has been quite docile since his penultimate molt.

The ladies love Tybalt, and Consuela (this female) rushed to greet him as soon as he played a little love song by drumming his pedipalps on her web.
In fact, she did a lot of drumming of her own!

Consuela lifts up to let Tybalt hook his spurs on her fangs.

Once hooked, Tybalt strokes the female's epigastric region rapidly.
Sometimes he unhooks for a second and the female quickly waves her pedipalps in the air.

After much stroking, Tybalt gets his palps inserted.  Consuela arches way, way back. . . .

Look at that girl!  Tybalt is all about satisfying his mate.
He could spend the rest of the weekend with her without fear of being attacked (mating pairs of this species usually get along great), but he's moving on.

Molt Record:
Born sometime in November of 2000.

January 18th, 2001
Shed exoskeleton approx. 1 1/4"
New legspan approx. 1 7/8"

February 17th (29 days)
Shed exoskeleton legspan approx. 1 7/8"
New legspan is 2 1/2"

March 29th (39 days)
Shed exoskeleton legspan is 2 1/2"
New legspan is  2 7/8""

May 14th (45 days)
Shed exoskeleton legspan is 2 7/8"
New legspan is 3 5/8"

July 30th, 2001 (76 days between molts)
Maturing molt
Shed exoskelton legspan is 3 5/8"
New legspan approx. 4 5/8"


Mating Diary w/ Desdemona:
August 20th, 2001
Introduced to wild-caught female named Desdemona (WCF1)

August 20th-25th
Cohabiting with WCF1 (Desdemona)
No copulations witnessed

September 29th
Desdemona (WCF1) laid eggs
Approx. 34-39 days after mating

October 29th, 2001
Desdemona's spiderlings mobile
Approx. 180-200 offspring produced